SA Tutors offer Extra Lessons for a variety of subjects

We offer tutoring in a wide variety of subjects.

Tutoring is offered in any academic subject, Grade 0 right through to Grade 12, whether your child is under the IEB, NSC or any home-schooling system. Our tutors are eager to assist with test and exam preparation, as well as homework assistance. If you need extra lessons form a qualified tutor or you are a qualified tutor looking for part-time work, don’t hesitate to contact us and well find the best fit for you.

Extra Lessons

Tutoring that reaps results every time.


Extra Lessons for Biology

Birds and bees, plants and trees, from amoeba to xerophytes and all the terms in between, SA Tutors can teach you what they mean.

Extra Lessons for Geography

Cumulonimbus clouds and carved out canyons. Maps and minerals; all the wonders of the world – from dolomite to all things visceral.

Extra Lessons for Art

The history of aesthetic beauty is in the eye of the beholder; from recent creations to ancient findings, let us share the knowledge of art with you.

Other Extra Lessons Include:

Extra Lessons

Language Lessons: Our language tutors will either have the language in question as their mother tongue or would have had a distinction for the subject in school.

accounting tutor

Accounting and Economics: Both very tricky subjects to master if you don’t fully understand the dynamics involved. SA Tutors will help you to comprehend the complexities.

accounting tutor

Mathematics: For both core and literacy. Some students are just naturals; others need some expert help. Let our math whizz tutors make you the master of math.

Extra Lessons

Business Studies: Many degrees have this subject as a prerequisite – the better your grades, the easier it’ll be to understand university grade related subjects.