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SA Tutors was founded and run by Rick Ross. He gained experience in the tutoring business for some time. He has now handed this business over to Les Venter, who is a fully qualified and experienced teacher. The expertise that he has gleaned over the years, he has shared with Les. We have a dedicated team of tutors in a variety of subjects who provide extra lessons for students from Grade 0 – Grade 12.

What sets SA Tutors apart from all the other tutoring companies is surely the level of service we provide to all our clients. Apart from our prompt response time and eagerness to assist, we truly value our clients and want to see them succeed.

Vacation work as a tutor

Our Tutors Strive To Bring Out The Best In Their Students

Would You Like Vacation Work as a Tutor?

We are always looking for more tutors with various expertise and skills, so if you have a passion for teaching and you are looking for an extra income or some vacation work, get in touch with us and we will harness your talents.

Math Tutoring

Core and Literacy… A fundamental subject in school and necessary in order to pass Gr 12.

Math Tutoring

Missing one math lesson at school means falling behind. We can help you to catch up and even a step further, to improve your grades.

Accounting Tutor

All accounting and most administration positions rely on this as a Gr 12 subject.

Accounting Tutor

If you need extra lessons to make sure that you fully understand accounting, our tutors will make sure that you are ready for the exams.

Science Tutors

Physics and Chemistry; Two more subjects that are prerequisites for most university degrees.

Science Tutors

These subjects are complex and intricate. Sometimes one-on-one time with someone who fully understands them is all you will need.

We are national but have most of our tutors in the big cities.

We strive to help students all over South Africa.

We’ve got tutors across South Africa ready to tutor for you.

Motivation, Determination and Ongoing Personalised Support; that’s what you’ll receive from our dedicated tutors. We all want to see you achieve great things.

We Give Motivation

Making you believe that you can do better and achieve more if you work hard is what our tutors strive for.

We Are Passionate

Whether our tutors are permanent staff or simply doing it as vacation work, they love what they do.

We Show Support

If you are uncertain about anything or just need a quick pep talk before an exam, call your tutor for support.

vacation work

We have vacation work!

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